Bridgette Blackburn

Operations Manager

I have been with WRCJ since 2017, and previously at WKRK Talk Radio and WMUZ The Light. I had never listened to classical music before—it always put me to sleep—but my very first day at WRCJ I was the only one in the office working and I kept hearing a drill and hammering. It sounded like there was some kind of work going on. I actually got up from my desk and walked out into the hall, only to see nothing. A few minutes later, I started hearing it again. Finally, it stopped. I didn’t want to say anything to anyone, didn’t want anyone to think I was crazy.  A few days later, I finally told someone about it—and low and behold, it’s CLASSICAL MUSIC. That got me to listen, and listen I do. I love being able to hear a piece and know where I heard it before or watch television and hear a piece and know who it is or the name of it.

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