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Cecelia Sharpe


Ms. Cecelia Sharpe, a graduate of Wayne State University, has been teaching and advocating for youth and the arts for 15 years. In addition to her role as a cellist, educator and advocate for youth and the arts, Ms. Sharpe has a passion for radio.

Since 2014, she has been sharing her voice on 90.9. Cecelia serves as a guest host for the station and produces her program “Live with C#”.

On “Live with C#”, Cecelia highlights a well-rounded and diverse variety of Classical (and sometimes Jazz) music, artists, composers, conductors, and ensembles.

As a radio host, C. Sharpe (C#) aims to make Classical music relevant to her Listener. Cecelia enjoys researching music and finding out interesting facts to connect the Listener to the music. She seeks to engage her listener in many ways, whether it’s by interviewing guests, on social media, or in person at various events!

Ms. Sharpe would not be on the air if it were not for two very special people. She is humbly honored to have been trained by two of the best men in radio: Dr. Dave Wagner and the late Chris Felcyn. During the time that Cecelia served as Manager of Education Programs for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, she advocated for the support of WRCJ during their annual Pledge Drives. It was at this time that Dave and Chris noticed her potential for radio. Chris and Dave nurtured and fostered the growth of Cecelia as a newcomer to radio and encouraged her to find her “own voice”. She is grateful that they both chose to share their wisdom, skill, talent, and time with her. Dr. Dave and Chris will forever be C. Sharpe’s “Godfathers of Radio.”

Cecelia continues to learn from and be inspired by ALL of the incredible men and women in the 90.9 Family. Since joining the 90.9 Team, Ms. Sharpe’s love for radio has opened doors to new opportunities, including performing as narrator with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and serving as host for the Pro Musica Detroit Live virtual concert series. C. Sharpe is proud to be a part of the 90.9 Team and is most appreciative to the Dear Listener.

Factoids about C. Sharpe

  • Must Haves While on the Air: Hot Tea, a Stack of Discs, and Lip Gloss.
  • When C. Sharpe is not on the air, she is in the air! Ms. Sharpe has incorporated her love for travel and people into a career as a flight attendant.
  • Sharpe is an absolute foodie, always trying something new.
  • Cecelia taught orchestra for about two weeks at a summer camp in Jacmel, Haiti.  While teaching, Ms. Sharpe became the student and learned a lot from her young “teachers”.
  • Sharpe is attempting to learn how to roller-skate.  Don’t worry, she wears knee pads!
  • Sharpe has performed in Zaragoza, Spain, St. Etienne, France, and at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York.
  • Cecelia had the honor of presenting the “Art of Resilience” Award to one of her beloved mentors, Mr. Marcus Belgrave.  That same summer Cecelia was the recipient of the “I Am Resilient” Award.  Both awards were given by the Star Commonwealth Organization.

Big Goal: Positively impact the world through her voice, arts education, music, and service to others.

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