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Film Classics with Jack Goggin

Sundays 6pm to 7pm

Film Classics with Jack Goggin is a weekly hour-long radio program devoted to music written for motion pictures, consisting mostly of orchestral scores from the early 30’s—the beginning of talking pictures and background scoring—to the present.

Film Classics is the only program on 90.9 exclusively devoted to music from the 20th and 21st centuries, featuring new material as well as new recordings of classic scores by the old masters of the genre, like Steiner, Korngold, and Herrmann. Occasionally, the show is also devoted to a single score, like “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” or will follow a theme, like “Submarine Movies.”

Playlists from previous shows

Movie Marches – March 12, 2023

Guadalcanal March————————3:04
Superman (Main Title March)————–4:25
The Great Escape—————————2:20
The Fall of the Roman Empire————–6:22
Land of the Pharaohs———————–4:47
Hamlet (Funeral March)——————–3:14
Captain from Castile————————3:17
Battle of Britain—————————–3:41
The Empire Strikes Back———————3:11
Quo Vadis———————————–4:32
Ben Hur————————————–3:28
The Generals———————————5:27
Raiders of the Lost Ark———————–5:11

Rozsa Medieval Movies – March 5, 2023

El Cid (Entry of the Nobles)——————3:36
Ivanhoe (Suite)——————————20:09
El Cid (The Coronation)———————2:22
Knights of the Roundtable (Suite)———-11:59
El Cid (Love Scene)————————–8:37
Knights of the Roundtable——————1:17
(Hawks in Flight)

Lawrence Of Arabia – February 26, 2023

Lawrence of Arabia (Jarre CD)———————1:45 & under
Lawrence of Arabia (Silva)————————-33:00
Lawrence of Arabia (Jarre CD)———————1:30 & under
Lawrence of Arabia (Silva)————————-18:00

Rejected Scores – February 19, 2023

2001 (Fanfare)——————————1:37
Torn Curtain——————————–5:30
Frenzy (Rejected)—————————2:15
Don Quichotte a Dulcinee—————–7:12
Something Wicked This Way Comes——11:48
Battle of Britain—————————-6:10
Caesar & Cleopatra———————–7:12

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