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As host of Film Classics for decades, Jack Goggin was known for his profound knowledge of music and curated a vast collection for his loyal followers’ enjoyment across the Detroit Metro region

Film Classics is a weekly hour-long radio program devoted to music written for motion pictures, consisting mostly of orchestral scores from the early 30’s—the beginning of talking pictures and background scoring—to the present.

Film Classics is devoted to music from the 20th and 21st centuries, featuring new material as well as new recordings of classic scores by the old masters of the genre, like Steiner, Korngold, and Herrmann. Occasionally, the show is also devoted to a single score, like The Ghost and Mrs. Muir or will follow a theme, like “Submarine Movies.”

In Memoriam of Our Colleague and Longtime Radio Host Jack Goggin

Our colleague, longtime friend and WRCJ host Jack Goggin passed away July 24, 2023 at his home following a prolonged illness. He was 68.
Jack was a consummate professional and cinematic music aficionado, loved by countless music lovers throughout the Metro Detroit area. He will be greatly missed, not only by his family here at 90.9 and Detroit Public Television, but by all those in our community who loyally followed him throughout his time with the station.
For decades, Jack shared his love of music with Metro Detroit over the airwaves. He joined 90.9 in 2005 and became the dynamic host of the long-running Sunday evening show, Film Classics, a weekly hour-long radio program devoted to music written for motion pictures. The show consisted primarily of orchestral scores from the early ‘30s — which was the beginning of talking pictures and background scoring — to the present.
“I am so saddened by the passing of my dear friend and colleague,” said his colleague and 90.9 host Dave Wagner. “It seems as though we have always known each other, since we first met back in 1980 when WQRS (a classical music station in Detroit for more than 30 years) went to a 24-hour operation. I was hired a week after Jack, and we became good friends through various ownership changes to that station before it went silent in 1997.”
Jack approached his radio program with meticulous care, handpicking music for every show. “Jack had a huge following with his 43 yearlong radio program, Film Classics, Wagner said. “He loved being in the studio each and every week sharing his vast collection of film score recordings and, of course, his endless knowledge of every detail of every film.”
Apart from being dedicated to his program and loyal following, Jack was completely devoted to his biggest fans – his family – Gail, his wife and partner of nearly 40 years, and their daughter Elizabeth, who often visited her Dad at the station during her formative years.
Jack will be remembered as an authentic and rare radio talent, who used the microphone to personally communicate and connect with his audience. For five years, he also served as music director of 90.9 and created a unique station “sound,” which captured the hearts of thousands of WRCJ members.
Jack began his radio career at KBIA-FM at the University of Missouri. He landed a gig working for WQRS-FM, where he worked for 17 years and made a name for himself among Detroit radio listeners before joining WRCJ at the behest of Wagner.
But Jack was more than a radio personality; he was a music academic who cultivated a wide musical repertoire. Passionate about his craft and the audience he served, he showed effusive gratitude to his loyal supporters.
“Jack must have possessed a photographic memory,” said his friend and colleague Peter Whorf, host of 90.9’s Midday Music. “He could drop a surprising and detailed story on you any time – like what Beethoven wore to a premiere or Mozart’s favorite dessert.
“Jack was personally and intimately connected to great music – and all of us who love it. He served Detroit audiences over parts of six decades. The radio won’t be the same without him.”

Thank you, Jack. We’ll miss you.

-The Staff of 90.9


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Paulette Mancuso

August 2, 202317:21:17

I am truly saddened by the loss of Jack. He was definitely uniquely talented and so enjoyable to listen to.
I listened and have been a fan since the WQRS days.
He will always be remembered.
My deepest heartfelt sympathy to his family and close friends.

Richard Mains

August 1, 202313:25:42

I don’t have very good reception of WRCJ over the airwaves, but I always tuned in and listened over the static at 6PM every Sunday to Film Classics with Jack Goggin. I had started listening before to him on WQRS and was sad when it went off the air. This is a much sadder occasion. I know my Sunday evenings will never be the same.

Suzanne Sillery

July 31, 202320:26:39

I will miss his wealth of knowledge. Always had the station on at home and my lab. When working at the lab on Sundays besides listening the music at 6 I would get a history lesson on a movie score from Jack

Maia Cowan

July 31, 202313:07:56

I’ll miss Jack’s lovely voice and his knowledge of music. He was a gentle soul who gave so much pleasure to so many people by sharing the film classics with us.

Mary Malto

July 30, 202323:24:44

We miss you jack

Marilyn P Scitar

July 30, 202322:56:15

I am not a movie goer but a big fan of movie music — thanks to Jack Goggin! If it wasn’t for Jack, I would have missed out on much of the music that makes up most of my film music collection. Jack has been part of my schedule for the 35 years as he has enriched my knowledge and music enjoyment. I recall his daughter Elizabeth as a guest hostess with her Dad on WQRS — a treasured memory.
Jack’s loss will be a void in my life. I can only imagine the impact Jack’s loss is being felt by the Goggin Family, the WRCJ Family, and those of us listeners that “depended” on the person who passionately presented Film Classics. My condolences to all. Thank you Jack, Goggin Family, WRCJ Family, and WRCJ Listeners who support this station that is heard everyday of my life!

MJ Spear

July 30, 202322:56:06

I’ll miss Jack Goggin; he felt like a good friend who visited once a week, bringing good music and funny stories. I remember how he laughed during a particularly sound-effects-heavy Halloween special. RIP Jack.


July 30, 202322:38:41

Please find a way to keep this format going. Someone must continue jack’s work. Thanks for the memories.

Ray Tejada

July 30, 202322:35:39

This is my favorite program on WRCJ. Jack played not only memorable music but his commentary has always fascinating. I will miss him and can only imagine how much this affects those close to him. Jack will be missed.

Mary M Urbanski

July 30, 202322:11:02

Always a joy to listen to – a true voice of Detroit. Rest well you will be missed.

Bob Vreeland

July 28, 202315:10:10

We will miss you and your joy and enthusiasm for film music.

Jeff L

July 28, 202315:02:35

My name is Jeff and Jack was my Brother-in-law. He married my sister. I want to thank WRCJ and the staff for the memorials. Very touching. I will miss him.


July 28, 202315:40:36

You’re welcome Jeff. Obviously the listeners loved him too.


July 28, 202313:13:13

Thank you for the joy and love of music and film, that you shared with us every Sunday.
We’ll miss you, Jack ❤️


July 28, 202311:00:18

Your program and work will be missed but not forgotten.
Prayers for you and your family.


July 28, 202313:05:08

Thank you for the kind words Alan.


July 27, 202318:51:14

R.I.P. Jack


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