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Chris Felcyn Legacy Society

“Classical music is a lifelong journey.” – Chris Felcyn

WRCJ’s former midday host, Chris Felcyn, was passionate about two things: sharing his love of classical music and believing in the power of public radio. He dearly hoped that 90.9 WRCJ would be here for many more years to help people discover the world’s greatest music.

Chris Felcyn

After Chris passed away unexpectedly in Fall 2018, with the support from the Felcyn family, we established the Chris Felcyn Legacy Society to encourage people to include 90.9 WRCJ in their wills and estate plans.

A bequest to 90.9 WRCJ allows you to perpetuate support provided during your lifetime and to make a gift of a size and nature you may not be able to give while managing your day-to-day affairs. We thank you for the generosity of spirit and belief in the power of radio for the common good.

Will or Estate Plan Gift Intention

The below form includes general language you may utilize when making a legacy gift to 90.9 WRCJ, including our legal name and Tax ID number. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend contacting an attorney who specializes in estate planning services. A list of attorneys may be provided upon request.

pdfDownload the Will or Estate Plan Gift Intention Form

90.9 WRCJ thanks these donors who have signed a Will or Estate Plan Gift Intention Form: *

Gwen & Richard Bowlby
Linda & Paul Felcyn
Linda & Rick Felcyn
Beverly & Barry Williams

*Donor names listed with permission


Your gift is very much appreciated and may be tax deductible pursuant to IRC §170(c). Our latest financial report can be viewed at