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Sunday Baroque with Suzanne Bona
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Sunday Baroque with Suzanne Bona

Sundays 6am to 10am

Fresh and inviting, upbeat and inspiring, Sunday Baroque is a weekly radio program featuring beloved and appealing music composed in the baroque era (1600-1750) and the years leading up to it. The music may be centuries old, but it’s the perfect antidote for the stress and distractions of our modern lives, so you can relax and recharge for the week ahead. Hundreds of thousands of listeners across the United States listen to Sunday Baroque on their local public radio stations, and countless more online across the globe. Host Suzanne Bona offers a huge variety of beloved and appealing music performed by the world’s finest musicians on a wide variety of instruments. Sunday Baroque is easy for anyone to enjoy and habit forming!

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Chasey Millar

December 24, 202314:57:54

I just heard a beautiful Christmas piece around 9:40 this morning, 12-24-2023. I don’t see a playlist anywhere so I was wondering if you could share. Merry Christmas!


December 26, 202309:40:33

Hi Chasey, here are the pieces from around that time:
12:34pm 12/23/2023
2 Anthems: “Lulla, Lullay” and “Sing Joyfully”)
COMPOSER:William Byrd
12:44pm 12/23/2023
2 17th-Century Christmas Motets: HEINRICH SCHUTZ: “Der Engel sprach zu den Hirten” (“The Angel said to the Shepherds”); Hieronymous Praetorius: “Angelus ad Pastores” (“The Angel said to the Shepherds”)
LABEL:The Academy of Early Music
12:52pm 12/23/2023
A Christmas Festival
COMPOSER:Leroy Anderson
ARTIST:Brass Band of Battle Creek
CONDUCTOR:Mark Gould, conductor

Tom Langella

July 5, 202301:41:07

Was so happy to have met you at last night’s BLUE ASH/ MONTGOMERY Concert. I thought you did a spectacular job hosting what turned out to be another great event. I am looking forward to listening to your Sunday morning show. I hope to be receiving a copy of the selfy you took of us with your cell phone as I would love to display it in my music room. Thank you in advance.


July 5, 202304:19:52

Hi Tom, we will pass this along to Suzanne.

Susan Wood

May 28, 202312:39:17

I was very interested to hear what Ms. Bona had to say this morning about the piece usually known as Albinoni’s Adagio. I’d heard was that it was either a pastiche of fragments by Albinoni or a complete 20th century forgery, but according to Ms. Bona, the piece is now attributed to an even earlier Baroque composer, Bigio Marini. I’d like to know more about this, if possible. Whoever composed that piece, and whenever they composed it, it is a beautiful work, and I never did buy the idea that it was a modern work in Baroque style.


May 29, 202303:05:14

Hi Susan, that was new info to us as well. We couldn’t find info on the connection to Biagio Marini but Susan provided this link to go along with Sunday’s show:


April 24, 202312:45:54

Hi, I was looking for a playlist for Sunday 4/23/23, and couldn’t find it. Wanted to know the name of a piece at around 8:15 AM? A response would be helpful. Thanks-


April 25, 202302:38:55

Hi David, that would have been during our program Sunday Baroque. You can find that playlist here:


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