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Become a Day Sponsor

With a gift of $250 or more to 90.9 WRCJ you can become a Day Sponsor, and your personal 15-second message will be broadcast 6 times on the day of your choice.

Who is the special person, organization or upcoming event that you’d like to honor?

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“Today’s Day Sponsor is Barbara Sue Carlson, who would like to wish a happy 41st anniversary to her husband David Carlson. She’s grateful for a happy marriage, which has been made even more enjoyable in the last 17 years thanks to the addition of the music on WRCJ around the house”

Imagine the surprise David felt when he heard this announcement read live on 90.9 WRCJ. A casual listen around the house was made that much more special. Dedicate a special message by reaching out to us at 90.9 WRCJ.

90.9 WRCJ reserves the right not to accept any day sponsor dedication which is of a controversial/political nature, considered advertising, overly promotional or in poor taste. Payment of $250 must be received at least 14 days in advance of the day of your sponsorship in order to retain your sponsorship.

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Have questions? Please contact us.

Bridgette Blackburn

Manager of Traffic and Operations

(313) 494-6410


Your gift is very much appreciated and may be tax deductible pursuant to IRC §170(c). Our latest financial report can be viewed at