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Maxology with Maxine Michaels

Fridays 7pm to 11pm

Maxine Michaels’ signature style and programming selections are enjoyed by a huge list of friends and fans around the globe. Maxine consistently innovates with an uncanny ability to educate the masses about the rich history of jazz, cultural information and more.

She takes great pride in having given many Detroit-based music artists their first radio airplay, she has consistently stood as an advocate in support of Detroit area music makers and has worked to increase public awareness of talent through live jazz performances. She has also provided unforgettable service to the church and community Mayflower Music Series. Love from Detroit!

Maxine’s Latest Playlist

Start Time   Duration   Artist   Song   Album   Label

5/17/24 7:00pm 6:49 Ray Brown Trio ft. Gene Harris – Summertime – Live From New York To Tokyo – Concord Jazz
5/17/24 7:07pm 6:17 Aretha Franklin – Somewhere – Aretha’s Jazz – Atlantic
5/17/24 7:14pm 12:58 Gary Bartz Quintet ft. Leon Thomas – Precious Energy (Sun Song) – Live At Ethell’s – Mapleshade
5/17/24 7:27pm 5:25 Dave McMurray ft. Kem – Searching – Nu Life Stories – Hip Bop Records
5/17/24 7:32pm 8:29 Urban Transport – The Beast – Urban Transport Live – Urban Transport Music
5/17/24 7:40pm 20:04 Freddie Hubbard – First Light – Keystone Bop Vol. 2 – Prestige
5/17/24 8:04pm 6:03 Al Jarreau ft. David Sanborn – We Got By – Tenderness – Reprise
5/17/24 8:10pm 5:01 David Sanborn – Hard Times – Only Everything – Decca
5/17/24 8:15pm 9:18 Stanley Clarke & Friends – So What – Implosions – Verve
5/17/24 8:24pm 5:59 Rachelle Ferrell – You Don’t Know What Love Is – Live In Montreux – Blue Note
5/17/24 8:30pm 14:29 Stanley Turrentine – Sugar – Sugar – CTI
5/17/24 8:44pm 6:08 Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes – Expansions – Expansions – RCA
5/17/24 8:51pm 6:42 Bill Evans Trio – Peace Piece – Everybody Digs Bill Evans – Riverside
5/17/24 8:58pm 4:56 Bill Evans Trio – What Is There To Say – Everybody Digs Bill Evans – Riverside
5/17/24 9:03pm 10:32 Horace Silver – Song For My Father – Re Entry – Ram Records
5/17/24 9:14pm 5:42 Earl Klugh Trio – Night & Day – Earl Klugh Trio – Vol. One – Warner Bros.
5/17/24 9:20pm 11:31 Joshua Redman Quartet – Jig A Jug – Live At The Village Vanguard – Warner Bros.
5/17/24 9:32pm 8:11 Jimmy Smith – Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag – Jimmy Smith’s Finest Hour – Verve
5/17/24 9:41pm 6:22 Dee Dee Bridgewater – All Blues – Live In Paris – Impulse!
5/17/24 9:46pm 10:35 Miles Davis & John Coltrane – Fran Dance – Final Tour – Legacy
5/17/24 9:57pm 7:01 Kevin Toney – The Entertainer – New American Suite – K Tone Enterprises
5/17/24 10:04pm 7:46 David Sanborn – Blues In The Night – Only Everything – Decca
5/17/24 10:12pm 7:43 Aretha Franklin – Just Right Tonight – Aretha’s Jazz – Atlantic
5/17/24 10:20pm 5:25 Jordan Vanhemert – Superwoman – Deep In The Soil – Origin Records
5/17/24 10:26pm 4:11 Queen Latifah & Al Green – Simply Beautiful – Dana Owens Album – A&M Records
5/17/24 10:31pm 10:31 Keith Jarrett Trio – The Cure – The Cure – ECM
5/17/24 10:42pm 13:40 Miles Davis & John Coltrane – On Green Dolphin Street – Final Tour – Legacy
* (all airtime is approximate)

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Noreen Brown

April 30, 202421:51:33

I think the station should say something about the passing of
O C Roberts MC for the Reggae Sound Blast on 90.9. His passing was April 13, 2024 and service was April 28, 2024.


May 3, 202405:36:12

Hi Noreen, we’re very sorry to hear that news.

Sheila Landis

April 22, 202418:03:42

Hello Maxine! Just a word to let you know that you are the undisputed “Queen of the Airwaves” a.k.a. “Queen of the Highway” as we barrel northward on I-75 with the radio tuned to WRCJ, driving home on Friday nights from our gig in downtown Detroit. Especially remarkable on 4/5/24 was hearing the Dobbins, Krahnke and Weed Trio performing “Love You Madly”, followed by the loquacious Lou Rawls spinning the tale of the “Charge Card Blues”. Thank you for making our road trip so much more pleasant with the sounds of “Maxology”. Maxine, I realize that your comment page may not be the most appropriate format on which to invite you to an event but here I go! On Thursday, May 2nd from 8-10:30pm I will be celebrating my 50th year as a Detroit Jazz Artist at Alchemi, located at 215 S. Main Street in Royal Oak. Live music by Sheila Landis, Rick Matle and drummer Darryl Pierce. Food and beverages will be available. There is no cover charge. Reservations may be made at Hope to see you there! Thank you for keeping the jazz flame alive with “Maxology” on WRCJ! Yes, you DO understand!


April 23, 202414:20:24

Hello Sheila, Maxine says:
Your flashback to the playlist of 4/5/24 in the 10:00pm hour was a WOW MOMENT TODAY! Heartfelt thanks for the priceless note…makes me feel like what I do makes an impact.
Extra thanks for your show invitation.
Yes, You DO Understand!

Pat Cronley

January 20, 202403:01:48

Hello Maxine, this is Pat Cronley. You’ve played my music years ago. Loving the sounds !! Saw you down at Det Jazz Fest , fabulous !

You played Killer Joe tonight, Jan 19 around 9:00 . Can you please tell me who the artist was ??

Thank you


January 20, 202413:36:30

Hi Pat, Your note is a great surprise. Glad you caught the Quincy Jones Project – Cool Joe, Mean Joe (Killer Joe). You’ll find it on the CD – Q’s Jook Joint. Thanks! -Max

Michael Giles

January 6, 202422:25:30

Max is Mighty,💪🇺🇸 Semper Fi

Kenneth Hill

November 18, 202309:30:11

I love this jazz show.
Ms. Michaels is very creative with the excellent programming.

Naima Shamborguer

October 28, 202300:11:44

Love the show tonight


October 29, 202300:45:42

Thank you for the music Naima!

Charles E

August 25, 202323:35:08

My first visit, and I am loving the vibe already already! The song, Gengie how is it actually spelled? I’


August 28, 202320:51:58

Charles E., Awww glad you caught it – the correct spelling Dindi it’s the Willie Bobo version Live At Watts Jazz Festival. Special thanks for listening. -Max


August 16, 202312:31:34

Been jazzin with you since way back when. Love it! Keep doin what you do how you do.


August 16, 202318:05:26

Like An Old Soul Record…We Go A Long Way Bach. Very Special Thanks! -Max


August 1, 202318:30:24

Max, just want to give you a heads-up about a Brazilian group that you may already be aware of ? They’re called Milk’nBlues and play a nice blusy /jazz style that is so easy to listen to like “Sade, smooth operator” and others. I found them on YouTube & Spotify Check them out ! You might be surprised. Love your work.


August 3, 202302:24:19

From The Desk Of Rich: Now I Know And Special Thank YOU! -Max

William Sturm

July 24, 202323:26:15

Hi Maxine, I want to say that I very much appreciate your show and the July 21 set list was especially good. Thanks!


July 25, 202300:40:43

Hotter Than July….Cool Comment
William Special Thanks WRCJ 90.9 FM / MAXOLOGY!


July 22, 202323:15:30

You are truly unique ! Voice, tone and style. Music selection is the BEST ! You always seem to capture my mood and make me smile. Keep on keepin’ on !
Love you !


July 24, 202306:47:56

Note To Rich: More Love, More Kindness, More Peace & More Smiles – Great Thanks. – Max

Keith Warren

July 15, 202307:10:38

Hello Maxine I’m a big fan of yours and I love your playlist I listen every night I wished you guys played jazz all day keep up the amazing work yours truly one of Detroit’s Biggest jazz fans!


July 16, 202303:39:26

Maxine appreciates your priceless note Keith… awww and we thank you.


July 10, 202304:20:48

Max is amazing @ i have friends in Singapore, across Europe and Jamaica and in South Africa I also have a friend that is the Captain of a all female crew in on a seafaring international cargo ship that listen to her show where ever they are!


July 10, 202318:59:25

Wow, an international ship playing 90.9 across the seas, that’s cool!


June 19, 202313:56:11

LOVE LOVE LOVE your show, your selections are outstanding.
Would love to hear Dinah Washington’s Salty Papa Blues one day. Or really, any Dinah.

Keep it on, and thanks


June 20, 202313:20:56

To K: Love, Love, Love – your note is inspiring…Dinah At Your Request – Max


June 17, 202302:45:27

Happy birthday young lady!!


June 20, 202313:20:42

To Harold: Birthday Thanks! -Max

Thea Simmons

May 25, 202318:08:58

Hello, you are one of Detroit’s jewels! Do you still do any activities for the community like the monthly concerts at the church?


May 26, 202303:41:34

Thea, awww the note makes me sweet weep…plans on-going to restore Mayflower Music Series. Sending a special thank YOU! -Max

Sheila Landis

May 13, 202313:10:45

Hello Maxine! Your show on Friday 5/12/23 helped us keep our cool as we successfully navigated the road construction ongoing along I-75–gigantic trucks barreling past us, impatient drivers changing lanes, unexpected traffic shifts and suddenly disappearing lanes–as we headed homeward after our downtown gig! Special highlights included Rahsaan Roland Kirk’s rambunctious delivery of “Afro Blue” followed by David Fathead Newman’s silken tenor sax, Emmett Cohen’s masterful command of the piano and the soothing prayer of Donny Hathaway’s soulful voice on “Sack Full of Dreams”. Rick Matle and I are grateful for your presence on WRCJ!


May 14, 202302:26:08

Sheila & Rick, At your service…to make navigating the roads more bearable.
Priceless note and special thank YOU! – Max

Bill Spaulding

May 6, 202301:53:28

What was your playlist between 8:00 & 10:00 PM on 5/5/23….. it was fantastic!


May 8, 202300:36:32

Hi Bill, thank you, the playlist has been posted!


May 1, 202319:58:02

Hi. Love the program. Is the playlist from 4/28 available? There was a great track that I can’t remember ( I think it was called “come with me” )


May 2, 202321:27:33

Hi Anthony,
Love to your listening, search and buy her music. Tania Maria – Come With Me

D Mitchell

April 29, 202300:02:29

Hello. While in the car driving, I heard the song A dream deferred. Who made that beautiful song?


April 29, 202304:36:28

A Dream Deferred by trumpeter John Douglas – CD titled JD’s Pursuit.
Thank you for listening.


March 31, 202323:55:30

THOROUGHLY enjoy listening to Maxology! The playlists are diverse and the commentary is enlightening! Ms Michaels is the best and I could listen to her for hours on end!😍😍


April 1, 202302:46:41

We are happy to hear that, thank you Darryl!

Richard King

March 31, 202308:48:43

Play Wayne Shorter Music

Sharon Blount

February 18, 202302:26:54

This year I had done nothing for Black History month. But your Feb 17th show took me where I needed to go. Hearing the Black National Anthem put me on the road. From that point on I sang, laughed, cried and danced. You touched my soul and made me happy! From an old Detroit jazz head, thank you


February 18, 202321:06:52

Wow, thank you Sharon, it’s nice to know our music touched you so deeply. Thanks for listening and keep on laughing and dancing!


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