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The Swing Set with Linda Yohn

Sundays 7pm to 9pm

Join veteran jazz broadcaster Linda Yohn every Sunday night for a program of swinging jazz standards. Swing is an elusive but essential jazz element. It’s hard to define, but you know it when you hear it. Swing can be a sweet singer with a tasty small group, a blistering big band, a sublime piano trio, two tenor saxophones pursuing each other riff after riff, a highly syncopated Latin groove, a classic 1940s chestnut, a lusty, blues-based vocalist rocking a gutsy big band, a crystalline vibraphone-based improvisation or a current elegant swing ensemble with inspirations and variations. The possibilities are endless!



March 19, 2023

The Swing Set with Linda Yohn Playlist March 19, 2023
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Geoffrey (Jeff) Butler

March 20, 202301:07:35

I would love to have Linda on more than once a week. Great taste and commentary. The Ella special tonight brought back a wonderful memory from @ 50 years ago when I saw Ella live in Copenhagen, and then spent another 2+ hours listening to her group and a a group of Danish jazz artists play and challenge and in general have blast in a local beer basement hall. No one’s voice, clarity, variety and so on better in jazz than Ella.


March 20, 202309:49:12

Wow, you got to see Ella? You’re so lucky! Also, thank you for tuning in to the Swing Set, Linda appreciates it!


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